Who we are

Renault Technologie Roumanie, regional engineering close to local customers

Renault Technologie Roumanie (RTR) is the only complete automotive engineering center in Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean region and the largest Renault engineering center outside France, with approximately 2300 engineers.
Part of the regional engineering network of Renault, RTR’s main areas of expertise are designing and improving vehicles, as well as adapting engines and gearboxes, for the entry range models.

RTR is the engineering hub for all vehicles developed on the Logan platform.

In its three main locations, RTR brings together all the activities needed in the development on an automotive project:

  • Bucharest: the engineering offices develop and adapt vehicle projects based on the Logan platform and mechanical projects for this range.
  • Titu: the technical center performs tests for the vehicles and the mechanical parts developed by the engineering offices.
  • Mioveni: RTR provides the technical support to the Dacia plant and to its suppliers.